Birthday: 25th August
Place of residence: Venice
Instrument: Piano, Keyboards, Synths, Programming and Voice.
Equipment: Kurzweil PC3 X, Korg TR 88, Korg Krome 73, Korg Kross.
Hobbies: Fishing, travelling and taking long walks in the wild.
Vices: There are so many.
Musical background: When I was 13 my parents  forced me to play the piano for years! I didn’t want it but now…I beam them thanks!
Favorite bands/musicians : Draconian, Anastacia, Chopin, Within Temptation,  Muse, Lacuna Coil, Silentivm, In Flames, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir,  Rachmaninov, Liszt.   
Life philosophy: Memento Audere Semper
What makes you cry out: Stingy people
Place you would like to go: Finland, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Romania,  Alaska…and many more!
First record you bought: Piano Sonata No.11 (Mozart)
All time top albums: Mother  Earth (Within Temptation), Origin Of Symmetry (Muse), Comalies  (Lacuna Coil), No Need To Argue (The Cranberries), Enthrone Darkness Triumphant (Dimmu Borgir), Piano Concerto No.3 (Rachmaninov), Oceanborn (Nightwish) , Chopin’s Etudes, Image and Words (Dream Theater).
Worst nightmare : Being repetitive
Favorite book: Toxic (Reymond William)
Favorite drink: Wine…top quality only!
Favorite food: Italian
Favorite movie: Amadeus, Saving Private Ryan, Shine, The Usual Uspects .




Birthday: 14th June.
Place of residence: Italy.
Instrument: Guitars and Voice.
Equipment: Ibanez RG2228 8 strings, Ibanez RG 7 strings, Pod HD500x.
Hobbies: Gym workout, cars and friends.
Vices: All.
Musical Background: I started at 11 with an acoustic guitar (with the highest action in the world, I think). Then, 2 years later, on Christmas, I received my first electric guitar, and the first time I turned on the distortion I felt a charge like never before.
Favorite bands/musicians: Van Halen, Dream Theater, Steva Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Pantera and many more.
Life philosophy: “I want to die drunk to vomit in front of the doors of Hell.”
What makes you cry out: Loneliness.
Place you would like to go: Everywhere.
First record you bought: I can’t remember.
All time top albums: Images and Words (Dream Theater).
Worst nightmare : To lost the dearest people.
Favorite book: I don’t like reading, the last book was “How to re-educate your dog”.
Favorite drink: Red wine.
Favorite food: Italian.
Favorite movie: Fast and Furious.